In 2013 Verex Ltd started a subsidiary company Forail Baltics, it serves as a customs warehouse with the ability to accept container and bulk cargos transported by both rail and road transport.
The area of the warehouse is located in the city of Riga, near the Riga Commercial Port, which creates advantageous conditions for the operation of the terminal. The terminal has railway access track infrastructure and multiple gantry cranes capable of servicing heavy tonnage containers.

Our warehouse offers such services as:
• acceptance of goods;
• storage of goods;
• shipping of goods by road and rail;
• processing of cargo;
• loading and unloading services;
• stockpiling, sorting and assembly of general cargo;
• Clearance of customs and transport documentation;
• Batch and serial records;
• Processing of goods (packing, labelling, palletizing);
• re-registration of documents;
• utilization and destruction of rejects at the request of client;
• insurance of goods stored in the warehouse;
• surveyor services (photos of cargo + official quantity of goods act);
• any actions with goods with the participation of offshore companies.

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