VEREX Ltd. provides a full range of freight forwarding in the port of Riga.

We cooperate with all major container ports in Riga. Devoted work of our forwarding department as well as us having our own customs declarants provides the most expeditious handling of cargo and preparation of documents.

We offer the following services:
• obtaining a release from the shipping lines;
• issuing of export / transit declarations;
• issuing of rail waybills;
• cargo transfer operations at the port of Riga;
• photo report on the state of cargo mountings on customer demand;
• transhipment of goods transported in bulk on ships into railway containers;
• work with railway stations within the port;
• supply of empty containers to the provider for loading of the goods;
• rail or sea transport of containers from the port / station of departure to the destination port / station;
• delivery of goods to the customs terminal and clearance of import documentation;
• storage of cargo within the port are with the ability to meet all temperature regimes.