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Transportation by rail

Transportation of goods by rail is one of the main directions of our activity.
We offer the following rail transport services:
• delivery of any kind of rolling stock, both private and general depot;
• transportation of 20 and 40-feet container sea cargoes by rail;
• transportation in 20 and 40-feet rail containers;
• transportation of non-standard cargo: equipment, road and construction machinery;
• payment of railroad rates in agreed areas;
• supply of rolling stock on the piers of the port of Riga;
• re-loading of any volume of cargo within the port of Riga, or in any of other Latvian terminals;
• tracking of the movement of goods;
• issuing of all the required documents.

On 7th of July, 2023, VEREX signed cooperation agreement No. SKV-L-2023/343 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for receiving support within the framework of the “Promotion of International Competitiveness”, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund