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Transportation of alcohol products

One type of cargo transported by the company is alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol production is a specific type of cargo, transportation of which is imposed with strict requirements by customs authorities and railways.
Special preparation of the rolling stock prior to loading of the cargo according to the weather conditions, obtaining of all the necessary approvals, a thorough examination of documents provided by the client and particularly careful approach in the preparation of supporting documents – all of this  will be ensured by our staff as quickly as possible.

Transport of alcoholic beverages features the following:
• alcoholic products are a delicate and perishable type goods;
• it is necessary to observe the temperature regime; therefore, alcohol production can only be transported on a special type of rolling stock;
• alcoholic products are classified as excisable goods and there are special requirements in transit countries;
• there are special requirements for transit depots;
• there is a need to prevent theft, especially when re-loading products, cargo insurance.

On 7th of July, 2023, VEREX signed cooperation agreement No. SKV-L-2023/343 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for receiving support within the framework of the “Promotion of International Competitiveness”, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund