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VEREX nodrošina:

  • pilna spektra kravu pārvadājumi Rīgas ostā – Baltic Container Terminal, Riga Container Terminal, Riga Universal Terminal pa dzelzceļu, tostarp konteineru pārvadājumi konteineru vilcienos Baltica Transit un ārpus vilciena, bīstamo un negabarīta kravu pārvadājumi. Pašlaik mūsu pārvadājumu apjomi 150 – 200 TEU un 20 – 25 vagonu mēnesī ir vērsti uz Kirgizstānu, Kazahstānu, Uzbekistānu un Tadžikistānu. Mūsu uzņēmums garantē savlaicīgu montāžas platformu, kā arī cita veida vagonu iesniegšanu, izvairoties no liekām izmaksām par kravu uzglabāšanu un nodrošinot sūtījumu termiņus.
  • Visu veidu uzglabāšanas pakalpojumi, tostarp iekraušanas/izkraušanas, uzglabāšanas noliktavā un kravu konsolidācijas pakalpojumi. Viens no pakalpojumiem ir negabarīta kravu iekraušana un nostiprināšana uz atklāta ritošā sastāva, tostarp arī iekraušanas shēmu izstrāde un nostiprināšana saskaņā ar noteikumiem.
  • kravu autopārvadājumi caur ES teritoriju. Uzņēmumam ir transportlīdzekļu parks, kurā ietilpst konteineru platformas un 92 m3 puspiekabes. Arī tad, kad mūsu pašu autoparks ir aizņemts, mēs sadarbojamies ar vairākiem transporta uzņēmumiem, lai izpildītu visus ienākošos pasūtījumus.
  • pēc iespējas ātrāk sniedziet profesionālu konsultāciju par jautājumiem, kas saistīti ar piedāvāto vai esošo kontaktpunktu kravas piegādei. Jūs saņemat atbildi no kompetentiem ekspertiem, ņemot vērā visas pārvadājumu īpatnības un jūsu personīgās vēlmes un nosacījumus. Mēs sniedzam saviem klientiem informāciju par kravas pārvietošanas ātrumu un tās atrašanās vietu pieprasījuma brīdī.

VEREX var piedāvāt plašu pakalpojumu klāstu, lai nogādātu jūsu preces galamērķī visīsākajā laikā un ar visizdevīgākajiem nosacījumiem.

Mūsu pakalpojumi

Beramkravu pārvadājumi

Bīstamo kravu pārvadājumi

Alkohola produktu transportēšana

Šķidro kravu pārvadājumi

Lielgabarīta kravu pārvadāšana

Dzelzceļa pārvadājumi

VEREX Ltd. provides:

  • a full range of freight forwarding in the port of Riga – Baltic Container Terminal, Riga Container Terminal, Riga Universal Terminal by rail, including container shipping in container trains Baltica Transit and outside the train carload shipments, transportation of hazardous and outsized cargo. At the moment, our volumes of shipments of 150 – 200 TEU and 20 – 25 wagons a month focus on Russia, Belorucsiyu, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Our company guarantees the timely submission of fitting platforms, as well as other kinds of cars avoiding unnecessary costs for cargo storage and providing shipment deadlines.
  • All kinds of storage services, including loading / unloading, warehousing and cargo consolidation. One of the services is the work of loading and fastening of oversized cargo on open rolling stock, including also a development of loading schemes and securing according to the regulations.
  • carriage of goods by road through the territory of the EU. The company has a fleet of vehicles, which includes a container platforms and semi-wagons 92 m3. Also, when our own fleet is busy, we have cooperated with several transport companies to complete all incoming orders.
  • Professional advice as soon as possible on the issues with proposed or existing contact for delivering cargo. You get response from competent experts, taking into account all the peculiarities of transportation and your personal wishes and conditions. We provide our customers with information about the speed of the movement of goods and its location at the time of the request.

VEREX Ltd. is able to offer a wide range of services for the delivery of your goods to the destination in the shortest time and at the most favorable terms.

Our services

Transportation of dangerous cargo

Verex Ltd. performs transport of dangerous cargo by rail.

Years of experience in the field and availability of experienced professionals enable us to provide our clients with high quality services in a short period of time. Over the years our company has become a reliable partner for the transport of dangerous goods of any kind, meaning our customers are left with nothing to worry about. Our company has its own dangerous goods specialist as well as all the permits and contracts necessary for transporting goods of this type, including emergency response teams for elimination of the consequences in case of a leakage of cargo. In addition to moving the goods, our staff will be happy to help in preparation of all the necessary documents and provide labelling of the cargo as required by convention on the transport of dangerous goods by railway, sea or road.

We have experience working with such dangerous goods as:
• yellow phosphorus;
• acetoncyanhydrin;
• methyl aniline, aniline and its salts;
• chlorine;
• ethylene glycol;
• diethyl benzene, etc.

Terminal services, Forail Baltics

In 2013 Verex Ltd started a subsidiary company Forail Baltics, it serves as a customs warehouse with the ability to accept container and bulk cargos transported by both rail and road transport.
The area of the warehouse is located in the city of Riga, near the Riga Commercial Port, which creates advantageous conditions for the operation of the terminal. The terminal has railway access track infrastructure and multiple gantry cranes capable of servicing heavy tonnage containers.

Our warehouse offers such services as:
• acceptance of goods;
• storage of goods;
• shipping of goods by road and rail;
• processing of cargo;
• loading and unloading services;
• stockpiling, sorting and assembly of general cargo;
• Clearance of customs and transport documentation;
• Batch and serial records;
• Processing of goods (packing, labelling, palletizing);
• re-registration of documents;
• utilization and destruction of rejects at the request of client;
• insurance of goods stored in the warehouse;
• surveyor services (photos of cargo + official quantity of goods act);
• any actions with goods with the participation of offshore companies.

Intermodal transportation

Verex Ltd provides intermodal transportation throughout the Baltic States, Russia, the CIS, as well as in the neighbouring countries.

Our staff will calculate the most optimal route of delivery, minimizing the financial and time costs to a minimum. We provide our customers with information about the speed of movement of the goods and its location at the time of the request. We offer sea, rail and road transport of goods in containers, on pallets and in other types of packaging.

Our company takes into account all the nuances related to the specificity of cargo type and the location of loading site when developing cargo delivery schemes.

Transportation of bulk cargo

Verex Ltd provides international transportation of bulk cargo.

Transportation of bulk cargo has its own specifics and requires compliance with certain requirements, as well as competent decision making when choosing the type of transport in order for the delivery to be safe and cost reasonably. Owing to its own terminal (Forpost Terminal), Verex Ltd is able to provide bulk cargo handling (loading, unloading, packing) of any complexity.

Verex Ltd provides a full range of services:
•preparation of all necessary documentation;
•development of route, selection of conditions and the method of delivery of the goods;
•organization of rail shipments to supply specialized containers and wagons;
•organization of loading, unloading, repacking, and warehousing;
•obtaining of necessary agreements and special permits;
•clearance of customs formalities.

Transportation of alcohol products

One type of cargo transported by the company is alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol production is a specific type of cargo, transportation of which is imposed with strict requirements by customs authorities and railways.
Special preparation of the rolling stock prior to loading of the cargo according to the weather conditions, obtaining of all the necessary approvals, a thorough examination of documents provided by the client and particularly careful approach in the preparation of supporting documents – all of this  will be ensured by our staff as quickly as possible.

Transport of alcoholic beverages features the following:
• alcoholic products are a delicate and perishable type goods;
• it is necessary to observe the temperature regime; therefore, alcohol production can only be transported on a special type of rolling stock;
• alcoholic products are classified as excisable goods and there are special requirements in transit countries;
• there are special requirements for transit depots;
• there is a need to prevent theft, especially when re-loading products, cargo insurance.

Transportation of liquid cargo

Transport of liquid cargo tank containers (ISO tank container) is the most perspective and widely used around the world.

This type of transportation avoids additional costs of purchase and moving of empty containers, the loading and unloading of products and disposal of unnecessary packaging after drainage. It should be noted that transport of liquid cargo in tank containers is safe from overflowing during transportation, this means that the quality and quantity of cargo loaded by your supplier is equal to the quantity and quality of the goods you receive.

Port forwarding

VEREX Ltd. provides a full range of freight forwarding in the port of Riga.

We cooperate with all major container ports in Riga. Devoted work of our forwarding department as well as us having our own customs declarants provides the most expeditious handling of cargo and preparation of documents.

We offer the following services:
• obtaining a release from the shipping lines;
• issuing of export / transit declarations;
• issuing of rail waybills;
• cargo transfer operations at the port of Riga;
• photo report on the state of cargo mountings on customer demand;
• transhipment of goods transported in bulk on ships into railway containers;
• work with railway stations within the port;
• supply of empty containers to the provider for loading of the goods;
• rail or sea transport of containers from the port / station of departure to the destination port / station;
• delivery of goods to the customs terminal and clearance of import documentation;
• storage of cargo within the port are with the ability to meet all temperature regimes.

Transportation of outsized cargo

Verex Ltd provides oversized cargo transportation services;
Such cargoes relate to project logistics. Transportation of oversize cargo requires an individual approach, complex solutions and a reserve of time for elaboration.

Verex Ltd offers such services as:
• analysis of oversize cargo features;
• calculations for creating a logistics plan;
• development of cargo fastening schemes;
• securing cargo regardless of the level of difficulty;
• defining the necessary operations for safe loading and unloading;
• clarification of the need for specialized equipment;
• development and selection of the optimal transport scheme;
• calculation of the loading amount, development and preparation of schemes for securing of cargo on a wagon or on a platform and coordination of the schemes with LDzPhc;
• calculation of railroad rate;
• provision of required rolling stock at the departure station on the time agreed upon;
• control of loading / unloading processes in compliance with the rules and regulations;
• provision of daily information regarding the location of a wagon.


One of the main directions of VEREX Ltd. is transportation by sea containers.
Our company has entered into a contract with the most famous shipping lines, which gives a great opportunity to deliver cargo to any place in the world, which is bordered by the sea or ocean. Due to the large volumes transported by our company we obtain lowest fares.
Services in container transportation by sea:
• Supplying empty container for loading the goods.
• Registration of all necessary export documents.
• Railway or sea container transportation from the port / station of departure to the port / destination station.
• Delivery to the customs terminal and import clearance.
• Reloading the cargo on the territory of the port of Riga.
• Supplying MPS containers to the port.
• Storage of cargo at the port with maintaining a necessary temperature.

Transportation by rail

Transportation of goods by rail is one of the main directions of our activity.
We offer the following rail transport services:
• delivery of any kind of rolling stock, both private and general depot;
• transportation of 20 and 40-feet container sea cargoes by rail;
• transportation in 20 and 40-feet rail containers;
• transportation of non-standard cargo: equipment, road and construction machinery;
• payment of railroad rates in agreed areas;
• supply of rolling stock on the piers of the port of Riga;
• re-loading of any volume of cargo within the port of Riga, or in any of other Latvian terminals;
• tracking of the movement of goods;
• issuing of all the required documents.

2023. gada 7. jūlijā VEREX parakstīja sadarbības līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2023/343 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonda līdzfinansētā projekta “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana” ietvaros.